The spark after stroke

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Alarmingly us doctors are seeing less people present to hospital with stroke. Stroke is associated with significant risks of disability and death. These risks are reduced with proper treatment.

Please call for urgent medical help if you think someone is having a stroke.

Stroke rehabilitation services are being compromised with efforts focused on battling COVID-19. This is compounded by isolation. We'll post content as soon as it's safe to do so. In the meantime read about how we're keeping people active with our Nerve Roots initiative.   

Nerve roots


If you'd like to send a gardening pack to someone that has suffered a stroke fill out the form below:

(We're currently only serving people in West Yorkshire but we're hoping to expand. Please include the address of the person that's receiving the seed tray.)

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We'll email you to let you know if we can deliver to the address above. 

A grey matter

The brain isn’t black and white. It's actually made up of grey and white matter. It's tricky business. We’re here to help you understand how the brain is affected by stroke and what the rehabilitation journey looks like. There’s information on the drugs used to treat stroke and its complications. We even offer exercises that you can perform with your loved one to help recover function.