There's no 'i' in stroke

Stroke rehab is a huge team effort driven by therapists


The physios will get you moving, focusing on balance and improving limb weakness.

Occupational therapy

Function is what occupational therapy is all about. Sessions involve working through daily tasks like washing, dressing and making a drink. Complex tasks that require executive function may also feature. 


Speech and language therapy

There’s more to this than the title may suggest: as well as addressing speech dysfunction, the SALT team carry out swallowing assessments. They will recommend an appropriate diet which may involve altered food/drink consistencies.

Rehab during a pandemic

We were in the process of creating videos for exercises and activities to help with rehab but then COVID19 happened. We recognise that this content is more important than ever in these circumstances. 


Too much recovery potential is being lost because rehab services are being compromised and because social isolation isn’t good for the brain. We’re trying to help with our Nerve Roots initiative and we'll bring you more content as soon as its safe to do so.