The medical team does the easy bit
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Preventing clots

After completing a course of high dose aspirin, long-term medication will be given to prevent clots in the future. Clopidogrel is an anti-platelet drug like aspirin and will be given if the heart rhythm is normal. 


If your loved one has atrial fibrillation then they’ll receive a blood-thinning medication like apixaban. More information on this group of drugs can be found on the NHS website. 

Controlling cholesterol and blood pressure

Statins are routinely prescribed if cholesterol is high. Several drugs can be given to lower blood pressure. Some of these can increase risk of falls so be wary of any dizziness, particular after standing. 


Prescribing medication is easy. It's the individual that has to do the heavy lifting. We know that making positive lifestyle changes is difficult and we're here to help. We're working on a diet and exercise guide, it's coming soon...


Stop smoking

Smoking is a major risk factor for stroke. If you or your loved one smoke, we implore you to stop. Your GP can provide tools to help, from ‘stop smoking’ clinics to nicotine replacement therapy.