What are we dealing with?

A CT scan of the head is performed on arrival to hospital to determine which type of stroke it is 
Ischaemic stroke


This type of drug helps prevent blood clots form forming. High-dose aspirin is usually given on presentation and continued for 14 days. 



Thrombolysis refers to a clot-busting drug. It is recommended for use within four and a half hours after symptoms started.


Around one in 25 people have bleeding in the brain after thrombolysis. The medical team looking after your loved one will weigh up the risks and benefits of giving the treatment. 



This is a type of surgery where a clot is removed from a large artery. Like thrombolysis, it can only be performed within hours of symptoms starting. 


Only a small proportion of people that have strokes are eligible for this type of surgery - there is significant risk associated with rooting around for a clot in a tiny vessel. 

Haemorrhagic stroke


Medication may be given to lower blood pressure. Surgery might be considered if bleeding causes significant swelling in the brain.